Super Gift


Well Christmas has arrived so I can post the secret project that I’ve been working a way at. There are 3 small boys in our extended family, my 2 and my cousin’s small boy, so when I started making super hero hoodies I wanted to include our little K. He is younger than my boys so is not currently obsessed with super heroes, but his dad is a huge comic fan.


I chose to do Superman! and was very pleased with the outcome. I used the reglan T-shirt from Oliver and S. I modified it into a hooded sweater by cutting down the middle of the front piece and adding 2cm (remember I’m Canadian.) Ribbing was added to the cuffs and waistband instead of a traditional hem. The hood was drafted from an existing hoodie. Remember if you do this to check the circumference of the neckline so that your hood fits the sweater you are making. Otherwise you will have some neat little gathers to create in a not so noticeable place. Yes I am speaking from experience 🙂


The hood is covered in the same light weight knit of the cape. The cape is detachable (any excuse to use my snap press) and so light that it will not interfere with car seats.


The zipper came from the stash and was a bit long. I cut it and folded the hem over. Zippers are a bit scary for me, and I still have issues getting them straight. Here is  a great site for learning zippers. make it and love it Ashley has really great tutorials for all kids of techniques.


My first attempt at one of these hoodies taught me lots about applique patches. For the green lantern I sewed the parts of the patch directly to the hoodie, there was lots of stretching and fretting and presser foot adjusting. For superman I used fusible interfacing to give each piece some stability, then made the patch which I sewed on in one step. The results was a nicer patch and less shifting.


I think the very best way would be to find something that is iron on and sticky on both sides. then I could stick everything together and have not stretching or shifting at all…sigh there must be some thing out there that does that.

All in all I am very pleased with how Superman turned out. The best part was giving it to little K. Merry Christmas


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