The Adventure Begins


Well I cracked into the serger today. (My wonderful Mom gifted me our old one) It has the manual, and a couple of books about about decorative overclock stitching. Other than being a bit dusty it seemed in great shape.betty Sadly I remembered nothing from past together, it has been *cough twenty *cough years or so since I used it last.

And thank the Gods it was still threaded!

I decided to oil her up, since she has been retired for many years. I was even able to change the thread colour. The manual taught me a great little trick; you cut the old thread off by the spools and tie the desired colour to the old one. Then pull the tread threw the machines’ loopy tricky parts, only re-threading the needles. It’s kinda tricky but way easier than a complete re-threading.

So all in all I got her working. Finding the right tension was crazy!! The thread to needle # 2, the one involved in the over-locking broke like 15 times. I wish this was and exaggeration. It was so very frustrating I couldn’t get more than a cm sewn and that same thread would bust again. I must have looked crazed, I could feel that woman against machine thing.  I couldn’t walk away or call it quits till I had it working. I looked up at one point from the 10 or so threading of the same needle to see this… too funny!


At least I got her working, there are still lots of kinks to work out, the tension thing will be ongoing I think.  I’m starting to think after using the serger over the past few days that the numbers are completely arbitrary, I need to just sew with her to find the magic spot on each dial.  Also she has a name now…Betty. She is old but still works and is a bit temperamental, also she hates to drive fast.

I’m pretty excited to use Betty in my next few projects, it seems nerdy but I am. The excitement makes the frustration bearable.


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