A great little bag


For some time now I have needed a small bag to put my wallet, phone and essentials in. That way I can easily transfer everything back and forth from my mom bag to my work bag. And now that baby E is now over 2, I can take a smaller bag with me on errands, leaving the big diaper and snack tote in the mom mobile.

It needs to be a bit bigger than a clutch but not too big….you see the dilemma. So I decided to make one.


The insperasion bags are a make-up bag, small shopping tote and a lululemon bag. The idea is to copy the shape of the make-up bag to the width and depth of the shopping totes. I chose a hight that looked balanced based on the width. One key element is to keep it small enough to avoid receipts and paper bits having babies filling my bag with random junk.

I wanted to make a really square design, like a mini tote. It took ,me a bit to figure out the construction. Click here for a mini tutorial. The photos are mostly of the lining (ya sometimes pictures are still an after thought)

bagfinished baginside

The fabrics are all from my stash. The main one is my old curtains. Then 2 prints of Michael Miller’s knit pirates and quilt pirates; and lastly the lining is left over bits I had of Robery Kaufman’s the lorax. I used mid weight fusible interfacing, to give the bag some stability.


I just love a bright lining in a purse, it keeps it from becoming  baginsidefulla black hole that swallows chap stick and keys.The inside pockets are elastisized. I kept them small to keep organized. Also there are little pen holders that can double for lip gloss.

The outside large pocket is more just for show.The side one holds my phone. The strap is detachable (any excuse to use the snap press.) The seams are all properly serger too. And no major hair pull out moments using “betty” the serger.

So there you have it my awesome little bag. It fits perfectly in the packed mom tote, among the cups diapers and snacks.



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