Stripes – PR&P sew along


The theme for week 2 of PR&P is stripes and polka dots and I’m sewing along

I chose to do some comphy pants for little E out of an up-cycled jersey knit cardigan. The pattern is the go to pants pattern for me, Dana’s Basic Kid Pant. The design evolved when I realized E was getting much too tall for 1 shirt to be large enough for pants.

stripeE6 stripeE5

I wanted the stripes to be going lengthwise down his legs, but could not fit all the pattern pieces onto the cardigan. Solution, slim the upper part of the pant off ( the part that makes up the rise ) and add a butt panel. The stripes are flipped 90° so they run in opposite stripiness. Cute but subtle I thought.


Since one part of the pants had some great stripiness going on , I thought why stop there… so the shin part of the pant also has the stripes flipped 90°. The legs have a slight taper modification to them,  and the waist is gathered with a wide band of dark blue ribbing, like a yoga pant. The overall effect makes them look like a baggy pirate pant. arrg!


Since the fabric is light weight, and it is January I added a lining. This is made from some jersey knit sheets I grabbed at $5.99 each a bit ago for sewing ( I know, way cheaper than fabric on a bolt .) The lining is constructed the same as the pants, only the legs are one whole piece ( no flipped shin stripes seam) and sewn with extra cm deep seam allowance so they fit easily inside the outer pant.


Almost all the seams were sewn on Betty the serger, and wow what a difference it made. There was very little mis-shaping or stretching. It really sped up the process to sew and finish in one step. I did somehow manage to have her eat my material though. I thought that it was a bit impossible for a serger to do that, apparently not 🙂 It took a bit to extract too. And re-thread ….then make her happy again.


I’m really pleased with the way these  pants turned out, first off they are light weight but cozy, due to the lining.

Second they are supper soft feeling, nice buttery jersey knit up-cycled cardigan, so they feel like your fav old shirt.

Last but certainly not least, after all the raised eyebrows from the teen and “those are pajamas for inside, right ?”  from the husband, both like them on lil’ E and think they are cute.


So there you have it funky stripy toddler pants.


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