one great pant deserves another


Last week I blogged a new pair of pants for lil’ E (you can see them here) and so this week we have a pair for Mr K. These boys of mine are just growing so fast, that the pants drawers are looking quite empty lately. K has requested comfy pants.


I used the basic kid pant by Dana of Made, she is celebrating the boy all week long, check what that is all about here. I lengthened the pattern to fit my tall guy and kept the pant leg strait.


The fabric is a sport grade type fabric that athletic shorts  and golf shirts and stuff is made of. I grabbed it out of a remnants bin. Its too light weight for winter in Vancouver so I lined the pants with a yummy soft flannel I forgot I had. The trim and knee pads are from a too small golf shirt. bluepantsjump

I never got a shot of it but the pants have a waistband in the dark blue as well. K loves the soft flannel and movability of them.


A few days after they were finished he asked “when are you making me some green ones?” lol looks like i need to get myself some green fabric!


one last attempt to show the lining fabric


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