painting and fixing doors


Ok so today I have a post that has like nothing to do with sewing! I know you are shocked but it was bound to happen eventually. Its about home reno stuff.

We have been working really hard the last few weeks to spruce up the little house of lemons. Part of that included painting the (probably original) old dark wood bedroom doors, a crisp glossy white! As the first coat of new paint dried old hidden artwork from long ago bled threw our paint 😮 The doors to my amazement looked worse than their original out dated beat up state!


The second coat as you can see was just as bad. Let me just say, we knew form living with the doors over the years that they had some old kiddies’ art on them. The fresh paint just made it bleed threw in all its glory. Some of it had blended in before ( ya no pre-paint shot who knew it would be blogged) I had to try something !


 I decided on white out ! Thinking that it may be the only think that pen wouldn’t bleed threw, its made to cover the stuff up after all.


Hoping I wouldn’t make it worse, I dabbed it on… It went on this nasty greyish white colour. Horrible! I have in my day covered hair-dye splatted on a wall seamlessly (I will never reveal where!) so was confident the white out could be easy to cover.

truely Canadian french on the paint can

truly Canadian french on the paint can

The tools of a perfect touch up, paint and sponges. The trick is to dab heavier over where you need to cover then fan it out all thin and gentle. Its a forgiving process, I even let the littles help.


So there you have it lovely crisp white semi gloss doors.


A perfect cover up job 😀


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