Perfect Play Pants


These cute pants flew off the machine a few weeks ago. They have been worn and even thrown in the wash a few times. The boy needed pants that fit so photos and posts had to wait.


looks like that long shirt got tucked at some point 😛

Mr K loves them, they are made out of a medium weight jersey knit, so they are just so comfy. The waist is elasticized with a mock fly. I used yellow thread that you cannot see well in any photo I snapped, but trust me adds that little touch o’ cute.


  the pockets are left over baby blanket flannel. Both fabrics were grabbed from the basement of Dress Sew (great store in down town Vancouver)
The pattern is one of my go to’s the basic pant from Made. Adjusted to fit a bit slimmer and longer , on my tall lean man.  I’ve  and of coarse added pockets.


Like I said these have been in circulation for weeks now,  I grabbed a photo opp this past weekend.  We were enjoying a Sunday afternoon with friends and I noticed K was wearing his new yoga pants.

Anyway they hold up well in the day to day ruff n’ tumble of boy play. He can move freely ! Play hard and has a pocket to holster his water pistol in !


he got shot down

ps: the grass stains came out easy


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    • thanks, I like the trim fit I can get sewing stuff for him, he is so lean and long now that what fits him in the length is so big in the waist they almost look goofy with a belt

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