summer muscle tops


One of my favorite things about sewing for my boys is making miss matched clothing. This time they have miss matched muscle henleys. I used the same main fabric (another knit that was on sale yay!) and changed up the accent fabrics.


The pattern is Hipster Henley by Blank Slate Patterns. This is a great pattern, the step by step picture instructions simplified the placket making. This was my first ever placket ! ! I feel like such a grown up sewer doing a placket with buttons!


The only modification on the pattern is that it has no sleeves. The arm holes are finished with ribbing, not only do I like the colourful look its easier than a hem 🙂 The bottom hem was left raw and rolls up nicely. I just love that knits don’t fray, I love not having to finish seams. –  I have a really great pair of kid shorts that I’m procrastinating finishing because its a fraying fabric that needs serging and ironing.


Now if anyone looks closely the button holes are not the best. I had quite a time getting the button hole function on my machine to work. I have used it before with no issue, so I think it was because of the knit fabrics stretchiness. If you have a tip for this please let me know.


The fabric is a light soft knit from fabricana, they had a knit sale so I grabbed all sorts of stuff just a bit ago. At $3 who can resist. K’s was finished first, and after each wash the fabric feels softer,  E’s shirt was finished last week just in time for some summer weather. 


And I must say for on the fly photos (since that seems to be the only way they get taken these days) you can hardly tell it was all done on different days..


….expect for this great dancing shot 8-P


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