selling and buying


Earlie this spring we decided it was time to move out of our lil’ town house and into a bigger place. We had grown from a family of three into a family of five, and we were just running out of space. So we are now a few weeks away from our big move date. We are all so excited!

One of the fun parts of moving is getting a change to decorate.  We have ordered some new furniture and I thought I would share them here as well as our colour pallet and stuff. I’ve been obsessed with pintrest and home decor sights for a few moths now. (As soon as I take the time to figure out how to add a pin it button I will, I can spent hours on pintrest)  Thankfully the new home has recently been painted and updated all in neutral type colours,walls that I like, which gave me a starting point.

The main room that I’m all excited about decorating is the upstairs living room. The closest I’ve found to a match of the walls is this sample. There is a fireplace in the room done in white, and dark hardwood floors. I’ve chosen a pallet of blacks greys, with white and purple as accents. I figure I can go really deep and dramatic with the purple accents, using plums and jewel tones. The whole room will end up being dramatic,well at least that’s what I’m aiming for! Instead of a sofa I’ve ordered a chase longer in a black on black
It will be paired with a grey love seat. Eventually I will add some mini wing backs or some sort of awesome chairs. I’d also love to plunk in some steam punk inspired lamps or tables.


mine will be like this but black !

While out with the teenager looking for just the right wallpaper for an accent wall in her new room; we camezebra across the best deal ever on a zebra print rug. I’ve been seeking advice from friends and family over the last few weeks. Do we buy it? Will it be too bold of a statement? So far the consensus is that its definatly a statement but fits my personality 🙂 and at such a low cost and for 100% wool you can’t really go wrong. even if we tire of it after a few years.

So lots of excitement here at the lil’ house of lemons (soon to be bigger house of lemons lol) the sewing machines will be packed this week along with most other stuff around here.


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