We moved in !!


The last few weeks have been CRAZY but we are moved in to our new home !! Every thing went quite smooth, nothing major broke 🙂 We had so much great help from so many wonderful friends and family I am just so grateful. I was so overwhelmed with the whole process, our home would still be a box littered mess if it wasn’t for the amazing ladies I have in my life.

The kitchen is fully functional and so are all the bedrooms, the family and rec room are getting there. A few things are still missing, but they will turn up.











I love the space in our kitchen, and am excited to bake and cook in it (I’ve been working and Grandma has been here to help, she seems to enjoy cooking in it lol) I saw a picture on pintrest of a coffee bar set up on a cart in a kitchen. So i set up a coffee station on the little counter by the fridge



I got new furniture for the family room, see post about that here. There was a small bump in the road, as the fabric I chose for the chaise was actually discontinued, so i had to re-pick the fabric. It was difficult the first time and even more so the second time. Good news is the new fabric is an upgrade from the old at no charge to me (yay!) the love seat has been delivered, and the amazing rug is laid out.


The rug was the best deal in the world, a previous customer had ordered it and then changed their mind, so the store was liquidating it. Its 100% wool and feels most yummy when you walk on it.

our pup loves it too

our pup loves it too

I have so many ideas for the house (thank you pintrest lol) that there will most likelybe  lots of house n’ home and gardening posts coming up. I do still have a pair of shorts to finish for K, but I’ve pushed it way to the back burner. lets just hope they don’t end up on E next year ;-D


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  1. Your pictures are great Jodi. The house looks wonderful and I had such fun with you, Damian and the kids getting settled. You will have a great time picking colors and adding new pieces of furniture.

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