felt holder tutorial


All kids love felt markers, their bright and fun to colour with. Only thing about felts is that around here the lids are always getting lost. Well not any more !


I made them a felt block, I got the idea from a mom and tot drop in we go to all the time. The kids can grab a marker and put them back, nothing gets lots and all the markers stay fresh. When they do die you can just buy new ones and plunk them in.


It was easy enough to make. Start with a 2 x 4 and cut it down to about 8 inches. Then map out your marker holes. I measured a grid starting in from each side 3/4 of an inch, and down from the top and bottom 1 inch. The measured out at 2 inch intervals from there (1 3 5 7 inches.) The markers will be staggered slightly within the grid to make room for little hands.


Once your grid is drawn, drill into the wood about half and inch using a huge drill bit, we had one the same size as the marker.


Sand it all nice. I then let the boys paint it with glitter paint.


Once the paint is good and dry, glue the marker lid down into the holes. I used wood glue but any could probably work. A few of my  markers did not stick well, so I scored them with an emery board and re-glued them. I think it would be best to just score them all to begin with to give the glue something to grab.


Let it dry really good, mine took 2 days (Vancouver is pretty humid right now)


One little boy was ready to colour as soon as the felt holder was done 🙂


And Ta-Da ! no more lost marker lids !!


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