tis the saeson to be scary


I love this time of year! Halloween is my favorite! And also a big part of why I sew. Before the blog and all this great online stuff, i would pull the sewing machine out of make costumes for my daughter. I made some for myself as well over the years.

It is great because the creation only had to stay together for one fantastic night.

No Finishing ! No Ironing !

You can fix bad lines with a safety pin !

Hot glue is also aloud 😛


This year I have  a few projects on the go. My own as well as Mr. Lemons are done as we had a Halloween Party to go to on friday. So the last bit of hot glue dried at 3pm and lapels were pinned in place as we were grabbing keys.


The great thing about our design this year, is it is mostly embellished garments. Mr. Lemons suit jacket with tail started as a 2nd hand trench coat.


His ruffled shirt is a dress shirt that he owns, embellished with two layers of ruffles. Lace over a sheer white from the scrap bin at the fabric store. It will be easy enough to rip the seams out after the season is over. ( I have certainly ripped out much better sewn and surged seams in the past lol)


My own top was a tough for me. I just couldn’t decide what to do. I knew I was going to pair my skull corset (bought years ago) with the new skirt. I spent a lot of time looking at Victorian cloths. There was a shirt in the up-cycle pile that I could manipulate and change up. I tried horizontal pleating…ugg. Then shirring …ugg. I added the ruffle and pulled the shirt into an off the shoulder. It worked but was not quite cohesive with the tailored box pleats of the skirt. Back to the inspiration board. And the oober ruffled sleeves were born. I really love them.


My skirt was made out of a couple of 2nd hand mens shirts. I used the natural shirt tail to make the train. And love how it turned out. the box plaits were a much easier than I thought. I used a tone of spray starch and they are by no means totally uniform, but hey its halloween 😉


We called our costume “Til Death Do us part” and had a blast at our party !! I’m hoping to get the kids costumes done and blogged in time for All Hallows Eve !

hall5Happy Haunting !!


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  1. Jodi your costumes are just terrific. You both look great and I do love how you put everything together. You are sure creative.

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