with the rains comes house work


My excuse for not organizing and unpacking boxes is over. The Vancouver rainy season is here. The Northern West Coast is one of the most beautiful places in the world ( ok I am a bit bias, ) tall trees lush ferns and rolling mountains, its a temperate rain forest. So it rains …. and rains ……and rains…..All Winter Long…..artwinter

The rains have held off a long time this year, but they are now here 48 cm expected today (note it took a few days to get this posted ), my excuse of make play while the sun does shine is over. Time to unpack all the odds and sods that don’t get used every day, organize the paper work, get rid of jackets and boots and shoes that the kids have outgrown, install shelves for the sewing stash, clean and organize the garage…. Do you see why I’ve been avoiding it ? Pumpkin patches and apple picking are way more fun !

artpumpkinMy first project was to hang art work. Mr. lemons is an Artist by trade, as are some of our friends. So we both believe in supporting local artists, and hanging art from people we know in our home.  We had put up only 2 of our many pieces when we first moved in.

artjohnhThis one from our friend, had previously hung in out daughters room. She is a horse rider. Now it is in the rec room ( with her permission) as it has those beautiful pastels that I want to work into the decor down there.

artgrandmaOver the kitchen door I hung a needle point my grandmother made for my mom when she had her first home. It has hung in every home I have had since my mother passed it to me ❤

artvangoghThose were the easy ones, I have been at a loss as to where to put all the other art. I pulled out an old Van Gogh poster I had framed years ago for the living room. The dark moodiness blends well with the dramatic feel of the room.

artgift3In the kitchen I put up another digital piece from a friend of ours, you can check out his deviant art page here, that was inspired by my pregnancy with K. I love this picture ! I’m not sure of the placement, the colours fit our living room more than the kitchen. But there doesn’t seen to be a wall for it. (I placed some of the kids art on the only wall that could work **sigh**  and I couldn’t possibly move their art ) At least in the kitchen I will get to see it every day.

artkitagoI have a couple of pieces my Dad got us they are so colourful, I hung them near my sewing nook in the dining room for inspiration. The Artist is Ally Kitogo he is an African artist I found a link to him here and here.

artwillow2One last artist I am currently in love with is April from Yapes Paints, I really want to order one of her larger prints. We are still trying to decide which one. In the mean time I was gifted a beautiful willow print, for our house warming, that I hung in my bathroom. I can start every day with a bit o beauty! I love the way she draws bark and tree roots, there is a lot of movement in all her pieces. Seriously check her out. And if you live in the lower mainland she is around some off the craft fairs and local art events.

Now that I’ve finished my art rant. I  have a dilemma that I would love to here from you guys on. I want to do a collage/ grouping of framed family photos. It will be at the top of the stairs. The frames are all heave wood type, but I cannot decide on the best arrangement. Please let me know what you think the most balanced or pretty or even the worst arrangement is…. the only photo that will for sure stay in its frame is the one of Mr. Lemons and myself on our wedding day ( if you look close you will see some of the photos are still stock ones )

So please leave me a comment, and let me know your thoughts on which arrangement you like.


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