“Gahstly” scrubs


These new scrubs were made for the beginning of October and finally blogged now. The material was bought last year with the plan to make scrubs for work. Its from Alexander Henry called ‘the Ghastlies,’ the whole collection is right up my alley, I just love everything ghoulish and spooky. Great restrain was used to not make them in the middle of summer. Now that it is ( ok was when I started this project and post ) the dark creepy time of year when we scare little children 😛 I can wear these to work. scrub

They came together quickly, having been cut out months ago it was just a matter of whipping them up. Great care was taken to choose a fun character for the pockets.


The detail of black ribbon was added to the pockets and sleeves. The V neck is also lined with ribbon, it was faster than doing the neck line all proper like (short cuts make me happy) and added a nice shiny pop. All it took was a bit of ironing lengthwise like bias tape, and sewing it in the same way as finishing any hem with bias tape.

Taking a leap of faith in my skill to sew straight I did the side seams on the serger. That’s right, big step for me ! Betty (my aged serger) had a few tension issues that I was unaware of at the time. So the seams ended up looking like this ….scrub5I just left it, deciding that it added to the creepy feel, like Sally from the nightmare before Christmas.

Oh I couldn’t end this post with ut sharing the thread spaz my regular machine had (jelous of Betty ? Could be….)


So I love my new scrubs and have worn them a few times this season, and like the skull ones I made ( hmm and never blogged) will most likely get worn year round. So here is one last photo in my dirty bathroom mirror lol



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