Back at it….?


Well I finally got to sit down at my machine and sew! It was so nice, you see the awful cold I’ve been fighting turned out to be pneumonia. So that explains my lack of energy o_O


The pattern was drafted way in the summer, after the yummy knit sale at my local fabric shop (see what else was made here, here and here). Its based on a shirt I own and like. The only real modification is the length. I’m long in the waist and narrow threw the shoulders so I often lengthen shirt patterns. The back hem is tweaked to be slightly longer (providing some coverage) than the front hem.


I used the seger to add a bit if detail on the seams, I sewed the seams with the regular machine first. Then sergered them, lining the needles up so that the serger seam was to the inside, without slicing off the original straight seam. Because my serger is old, and has tension issues it creates this nice effect that I see on pricey brand name T-shirts. I found this out by accident while sewing new scrubs. To save time I sewed them straight on the serger this odd stitched together look was the result. It worked for the scrubs as they are a spooky theme already. You can see them here.


The cuffs have the serging on the outside as well. I need to confess that it took me like a long time to figure out how to put those cuffs on so that the seam would show. pinning and un-pinning and flipping things around. As I write this I cannot remember if it was right sides together or wrong sides or ever right to wrong. If you trust yourself to sew them like you do bias tape, that would be the easiest way. I didn’t think I could keep all the seams strait that way. So I sewed the inside in place with a zig zag, flipped it and top stitched the outside of the cuff down with a stretch stitch…..clear as mud right..?


I left the neckline plain, with a narrow neck band. I felt there was enough detail to keep the shirt interesting. All in all I like the fit, the knit I used is heavier than the original shirt. So I could use a 1/4″ more room in the arms. But that’s being obsessive.


PS: after wearing it for a day a few inches in the arms are a must on the next shirt. Its impossible to push the sleeves up to my elbows, a must for kid bathing lol.



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