Cargo Pants


New pants for K !


yes he is wearing a pajama shirt, we had lots of jammie days over christmas

Its really about time the boy has just been growing faster than my sewing can keep up. So all the poor boy has been sporting is store made jeans although cute as all get out, not that comfy for a growing busy boy. Every one needs comfy pants to run and climb in.


I used the Cargo pants pattern from Oliver and S. This is the second pair of pants I’ve made with the pattern (check out the first one here,) I adjusted the fit a bit as K is so tall. He is actually taller than the pants pattern but still on the chart for waist. So I added length to the pants at the tops and bottoms of the light brown pieces, hoping that the knee patches would fall in the right place. They came out a bit longer than needed.  I’ve decided not to hem them shorter because I’m sure he will grow again in the next 4 days lol


What does drive me a bit nuts is the rise seems a bit too long, you can really tell in this photo. I don’t remember that from the other pair I made, its kinda weird. Also that like every thing the boy wears, except for extreme skinny jeans, his new cargoes fit baggy and wide. Since his waist measurement fit with the pattern I didn’t adjust for his slightness. Next time I will. After cropping the photos today I started thinking that I should re- sew the waist. Bringing the waist a bit lower might improve the fit correcting the length and possibly helping him fill in some of the bagginess…? I’ll let ya know if I do.


The fabric is all from the stash, I’ve used the light brown interlock knit in a few other projects and actually forgot where I got it. I’m almost positive it was a remnant of some kind. The black is left over hoodie that was first up-cycled as part of the great Green Lantern Hoodie. Because of the weight of the fabric I omitted the flap on the cargo pocket. I also hid some cute little race cars in the pocket lining. Also to K’s great delight I used his favorite thread its a variegated blue green metallic.


All in all I like the pants and how they turned out. He finds them comfortable and they look cute.  And great for silly dancing !



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