Its Shirt Painting Time Again


If you’ve been reading my lemony blog for a bit you will know that my whole family loves making painting shirts. So over the holidays we were inside a lot together and Mr. lemons asks if we were gonna make shirts any time soon. How bout over the holiday was my answer. With all the family and friendly gatherings it wasn’t until almost the end of our time off together that we got around the shirt making. but man it was a fun night as always.

We use the freezer paper method. I believe there is a tutorial link in my summer post of our stenciled muscle shirts click here. Its super easy and fun, the littles can help and they always feel so proud of there great work. All of our stenciled shirts are always in high wearing rotation. Cuz they are custom and exactly what they want plus they did it themselves.  This time the focus was transformers and hockey. Its what their into, so Mr. Lemons got to the drawing board.


Its nice having a fellow to draw what ya need. E’s was custom designed a skull n’ cross bones (for momma) with a hockey theme. I didn’t get a shot of the finished sketch.


Iron them on and let the little artist go mad with fabric paint.

shirtsgroupOur lovely girl helped K he had a lot of stripy shirt to cover and it took longer than E’s outline design. What a great big sister !

After letting them dry overnight you get to rip off all the paper for the big reveal!


“Just like Optimus Prime… yeay !”


K wore his shirt first week back to school.


And E wore his for 2 whole days ( it would have been more if you let him.) talking about how he is a hockey player – he takes skating lessons.

But no matter how much they love their shirts…. those boys get fed up with all the photos


cute little grumps



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  1. Love the shirts and what a great evening of family fun for all of you. The boys are sure cute and their designs are great.

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