re-usable baggies


My middle guy started kindergarten this year, and that means packing lunches. We now go threw so many sandwich baggies its crazy. My enviro guilt has been getting to me. The solution…home made re-usable baggies.


The pattern is self drafted by copying a zip lock. Instead of a zipper there is velcro. The fabric is PUL. If you’ve never heard of PUL, its this awesome stuff used to make cloth diapers, totally water proof and washable and durable. But a bit of a grump to work with, the laminated side doesn’t always feed nice into your machine and can get all gathered. So go slow and take your time.


I did experiment a bit with the closures, mostly its velcro but a few have elastic and snaps (like my fat tiny one.) Any excuse to use my snap press.


The baggies came together so quick why stop at 2 …. and lets try varying the size a bit. Then I got really wild and varied the pattern, using scraps to do a little baggie with a bottom so its nice and fat.


I will most likely use the snap ooga booga baggies myself, for veggie snacks at work 🙂 The little one is perfect for fish crackers, and I’ve already used it to take a few tea bags to work. The boys (and Mr. Lemon too) prefer the robots. The bigger ones were made with sandwiches in mind.



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