Angry P.J. Pillows


Sewing away another family pet peeve today. In my last post I tried to solve our over use if plastic bag dilemma. This time it  is boy pajamas. More than half my boys laundry is jammies, the grab a new sets every night!


So to help I whipped up some jammie pillows. A cute little pillow with a pocket to keep your jammies in all day. I wanted to use a fabric that would get the boys excited about being tidy. Angry Birds! They were given the choice of colours and they both chose the same thing.  Yay! Easy for Mom to sew that way, with the added bonus of no squabbling later.

The design is a simple decor pillow, with a gathered pocket added to the outside.  The pillow insert was 14 inches, so each panel was cut 14×14. This helps to  make a nice fluffy pillow. When I cut the panels I made a math error, so I did a little cut and paste lol.





The pocket was cut 16 inches wide by about 11 inches tall  (just eyeballed it really,) so that once the top was serged and folded back it sat at a  little more than half was up the pillow. The fold over was also used as a casing for my elastic, cut 14 inches to match the finished pillow.


The bottom of the white pocket is gathered as it needs space for the jammies to live in the day (on my oops pillow the pocket covers my patch job.) The gathering is done first by machine basting on the white panel, then pulling along the bobbin thread to create a gather. (a tutorials here)


I took the time to sew the pocket on the front panel first, and tack down the elastic. I could then constructing the pillow as if it was just 2 panels. You could do it all in one step, but for me extra steps often mean less work in the long run. I would mess up the gathers or loose a layer or something that would end up needing re-working. The extra step meant all my seams matched up and the pillow was sewn strait.

strait seams

strait seams

Knowing that the boys would take a cover off if possible, I sealed the pillow up. The top opening where the pillow was inserted was pre-serged so it wouldn’t unravel over time. then simply ironed down and top stitched. The whole thing will just be thrown in the washer when needed 🙂


And here is a pillow happily stuffed with jammies ! Mission accomplished – less mess on the floor and less jammies in my washing machine !

stuffed full of P.J.s

stuffed full of P.J.s


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