Loom Knitting


I have recently become obsessed with loom knitting. I have yarn crafted most of my life. I was taught to crochet by my aunt and grandmother. My grandmother had also tried to teach me to knit on many occasions,  I am much better at crochet. In grade 3 we had a crocheting club at recess. Our crafty teacher taught us how to read pattern and count our stiches. We made blankets and doll cloths and christmas stockings.  I have a lot of nice memories chattering with friends in a warm classroom shelter from the awful alberta winters surrounded by yarn, and the satisfaction of creating something.

I drifted away from yarn crafts and took on sewing a few years ago now (woah time flies) I love how fast garment sewing is compared to needle crafting a blanket or sweater. Latly i only crochet when we are on road trips.

But last week that changed. A girlfriends showed me her loom knitting project, then lent me a loom. I am SO Hooked !!

I whipped up a slumpy toque, on the borrowed loom. Then ran out and bought my own set. I’m excited to say that my daughter has also jumped on the loom bandwagon. This is no small victory as a crafter I have been trying to spark an intrest in her for ….. well forever. And she is looming away like a littke pro, making a infinity scarf for herself. (I’m so proud). I’m working on slippers for yhe little boys and then I plan to make some legwarmers for myself.

Anyway heres a quick snap shot if my toque



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