Leg Warmers !


Fresh off the loom these are my yummy new legwarmers. I’m quite sure they are just the first of many! The yarn is nice and thick and soft. It should wear nicely getting softer and softer. I code the variegated greys with a pop of pink as most if what I wear is black or dark. My daughter is forever mocking the lack of colour in my wardrobe, she says grey doesn’t count as a colour it’s just pale black.


I wear a lot of legging and in our damp coastal winters legwarmer are perfect a must to keep away the chill. However they are difficult to find in stores, and when I can find them they are always black or cream.


I have attempted knitting myself a pair before but didn’t finish them because of how painfully slowly I knit. So glad I found the loom knitting now I can make myself piles of legwarmers lol. I used a small size loom, and weight if yarn.







The cuff was worked on round needles with a knit 2 pearl 2. I haven’t figured out how to do anything fancy like that on a loom yet, but would love to. So if you know any good tutorials please leave a link to them in a comments.


And keeping with things I have made in pairs (slippers mostly) one is slightly tighter at the cuff. I must have had too tight of tension for my cast off, I will blame the tense episode of Downton Abbey I was watching šŸ™‚




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