Mr Lemon does shirts


The other day Mr Lemons turns to me and says “we should do shirts!” Freezer paper stencil are one of our family’s favorite crafts, you can see some of our creations here and here. So on my next yarn buying trip the boys chose a few small blank T’s at Michaels. It is so hard to tell from these first photos that these shirts are fluorescent.


Usually I organize the crafting, but this time Mr Lemons got inspired and did all the prep, planning it all out, drawing it up and cutting it all out. Then on a gross rainy evening it was all set to go.

let the madness begin

let the madness begin

The inspiration this time around was Minions. Despicable Me is E’s favorite movie right now and we are all obsessed with the game minion rush on our hand helds.


We mixed up some grey for E its his new favorite colour, orange is now his number 2  favorite lol


The result was 2 amazing Minion shirts. And no they could not possibly be any brighter 😀 allowing kids creative freedom often leads to bright colours.

And yes as always they wore them the very next day !!

now they look flourecent

now they look florescent

This last photo was actually  taken a few weeks ofter our shirts were done, I think on the third wearing. The shirts had already been threw the washing machine twice. The great thing about my disorganization is that now you can all see how well freezer stenciling holds up in the wash 😀


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