Day 2 Kids Cloths Week Challenge


Its here again the spring addition of KCWC, and for me it is perfect timing. I hadn’t been keeping up with my blog reading lately, so when I logged in yesterday looking for some spring sewing inspiration I was happily surprised. Its Kids Cloths Week Challenge !! I’ve been hearing my machine call to me and been thinking of sewing some spring stuff. And knowing that sewing mommas all over the earth are sitting down this week too, clearing some space in their lives to be creative, it gets me all excited !!

In my complete not knowing-ness I missed out on day 1, but was able to get some time in sewing today, plus planning a few projects. I have not completely unpacked my fabric stash (or installed shelves in the cupboard for storing) So it was almost like going on a treasure hunt. Sorting threw and choosing some fabrics.

I found a pair of shorts from the end of last summer that never got finished. And discovered a pair of cut out pants for K that I think are from the fall. They got pushed aside in the christmas rush. My goals are to finish at least these 2 and pump out at least 1 pair of pants for E.

I did get my hour in already today but the kids are in bed and I’m feeling really pumped so I’m gonna get back at it 🙂


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