Kids Cloths Week Up-date…or should we call it Un-date…?


yep its an un-date… because the last project didn’t get finished and I have been avoiding writing that xP

 I did not finish KCWC this time around, it shouldn’t be such a big deal to say out loud. Right…?…I just could not pull it together for the last day. However I am still feeling good about the accomplishments that week, I finished 2 bottoms for Mr.K and only have hemming left on Mr E’s pants. I kinda find it humorus that I completed two projects from the lost pile of projects,  and then added a pair to it as well. Two steps forward one step back I guess.

The good news about taking up the challenge is that it has got me excited for spring sewing. So I’m gonna jump in on Spring Top Sew Along which is happening over at Made By Rae.


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