Halloween !!!! Oh How I love Halloween !!


Halloween  is my very favorite  holiday! I love the crazy spookiness and the creative flair it pulls out of me. You can see some past halloween projects here and here. It’s the perfect  time for me to get blogging again.

I haven’t  done a creative  thing in months I’ve been in a bit of a slump. So that is why there has been a huge gap in my posting. That is about to change, I have a bunch if Halloween endeavors planed and 16 days to do them. There’s going to be a creative storm here at the little house of lemons.

First up Creepy Baby Dolls from Hell! Closely followed by Demonic  Roof Ghoul. They will be new additions to my haunted home display.  I just love spooking up the house.

Then I have 2 costumes to construct. I thought K’s would be an easy trip to the thrift store. He wants to be Mario, but I could not find overalls. When I told him I would have to sew after all (yes I did try to get out of making all the costumes this year, remember  I’m experiencing crafters block) he was so excited  because this meant he could be Fireball Mario. See that costume here.

Lastly  I have E’s costume, it’s based off of the great video game Costume  Quest (play it with your kids its great ) he wants to be a kid dressed  up as a robot. Not a robot, the character from the game in a robot suit. It will probably  be the funnest one to construct. See that one here.

So stay tuned for a crazy tornado of creativity, Hallowe’en  style !


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