Deadly Dollies


So project #1 this Halloween is to creepify some dollies. They will go out on the lawn this year as a little group. I’m thinking of putting some tombstones or bones or something fun with them….but we will just have to see how it all evolves.

The inspiration comes from a pintrest image (here is the site it came from). It brought to mind all the Chucky movies of the 80’s and now there is some new doll movie out this year Anabelle. Dolls can just be so darn sinister.

I started with some dollies from the thrift store, and some acrylic paint.


Little K helped paint the dollies grey. My whole line of thought is if they help me haunt  the house they will be less afraid when its all done. The smoke and mirrors of it all will be evident to my sweet little men.

It was K who inspired this dolls dirty smudges, “she needs some dirt and black because she is a zombie.” So brilliant!


E sat and chilled with me while I did one of the faces. He also helped brush out hair.


It It was really fun to paint them up, one of the great things about Halloween crafts is they never have to be perfect. So the happy accidents all stay.


Two of the dolls were naked when I bought them. So I sewed their little outfits, it was seriously  the hardest part! I had no idea how tricky the proportions would be. The unbend-able arms ugg! I thought I could just whip up a little dress with ease….nope. I ended up scrapping  one whole dress, there was just no way to salvage it. Really it was that bad! Attempt two was still  a fail, the side seam ripped while I was shoving her unbend-able  arm into the dress. So I ended up sewing the dolly into her dresses. .  My hat is off to you mommas who sew doll cloths for your kids dollies.


On the second doll dress I wasted no time and just planned to sew the doll in. Its the biggest hack job in existence. Which is fine, it will only be seen in the dark as part of a spooky display 🙂 Today I finished them off, adding some spiders and rats from my creepy craft bag. I continued K’s idea that they should be dirty and smeared up their cloths.


Now I have to tell you the whole family gets in the spirit of Halloween around the Little House of Lemons. On the first day working onthe dolls  our daughter  (she’s a teen) was out in the evening, guess what Mr. Lemons did! You bet… he set up the dolls to greet her ! One by the door …another at the top of the stairs…and finally sitting on her bed. tee hee ! And in return this is what I found when I went to make coffee the next morning.


So now its on 😀 we will be terrorizing each other until All Hallows Eve with these beauties.



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