Roof Ghoul


This year I decided to make a new ghoul for the yard. Its been a few years since I’ve added to my collection. I have often made a person to put under my car wheels out of old cloths, but wanted something more permanent.  Storage is always an issue so it needs to be collapsible, I also like the idea of placing it on a second story roof, so it needs to be light too. The solution plastic plumbing pipes and joints, from the hard wear store. It is light and can be easily disassembled.

The whole creature was created on around $10- $20. Starting with an alien dollar store mask (I forgot to take a start photo of the front but took one of the back post plastering)


 I liked the elongated proportions but did not want the big almond eyes or bright gold colour. I grabbed it thinking I could paint it or something. It was a good stareing point. When I got it home and started raiding the paint supplies I found plaster strips. perfect !  With the plaster strips I was able to build up the hollows of the eyes, making the mask look less like an alien and more like a ghoul.


Next I painted it, using a blue undertone to the grey instead of black to give it that specter like quality. The eyes needed to be accentuated since their size was changing. Egg carton was used for the pop out effect (i wish they were ping pong balls or at least rounded egg cartons, oh well its what i had around). The size of the mouth was also reworked a bit with the paint, by making the lips a bit wider and pulling them outside of the zones defined by the mask.  Lastly the entire face was covered by a shellack that is used to seal acrylic paintings, hoping to seal and protect my work from the inevitable Vancouver rain.


The body frame is the plastic piping from the hardware store, a wig mannequin head, and some plastic bags with crumpled paper in them to add shoulder bulk.  Old dish washing gloves are attached onto the end of the pipes using elastic, to create awful grabby hands. Once the frame was made, burlap was draped over and tied into place with string and elastic bands. Then the black cheese cloth was added. And finally the wigs. I cut one up to create the illusion of really long ghoul hair. I attached it with some zap straps to the burlap, and a thick piece is also glued to the mask itself. The second wig is worn by the mannequin head. the effect is massive amounts of ghoulish hair, that should be able to move in the breeze of Halloween night.


She is not out on my roof yet, because guess what …?  That’s right friends its raining ! I plan on puting her is a sort of sheltered spot under the eaves. I will up load a photo or two of the House on Halloween night, I promise.


So that is the last of the haunted craft storm posts. There is still all kinds of last minute touches going on here to the house and both Mr. Lemons and my own costume.  So Have a wonderful haunted Halloween. I’ll post some post holiday wrap ups soon (I hope)




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