New Adventures in Not Sewing


My little BLOG here started as a place to document my adventures in sewing. To add to a community that has kept me company during my days home with my lovely (but at the time not so great at conversation) little boys. I have grown so much as a sewing momma mainly due to the great inspiration of the online sewing community. Being able to challenge myself, share it, sew along and watch others do the same. Are you feeling the love in this post yet ?!

As of late I am finding that my hyperactivness craftyness has been shifting away from sewing, towards new interests, things I may not have tried if I hadn’t been documenting my sewing here in this little space, where I can see it progress. So I have decided to widen the focus here to include some of the other ways I am keeping my crafty hands busy. There will still be sewing cuz I just love it. And there is a tone of fabric in my stash needing to be transformed in to stuff lol

So stay tuned for some new stuff that I’m all inspired about that isn’t sewing 🙂


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