How Does My Garden Grow


Before I get all wrapped up in KCW I figured I should do a quick update on the garden.

It is beautiful

lemons are for licking

All the planting is based on square foot gardening. Which is a high density planting plan that is supposed to reduce weeds and yield good crops. In the left bed we planted pumpkins, squash, and zucchini  at the back; peas, Beans, carrots, beats, and lettuce in the front of the first bed. The second bed is full of tomatoes, and they are just massive; more lettuce, swiss chard, beats and onions. There are also some bell peppers in there and space left open for more planting. The plan is to plant more carrots and beats lettuce, that way we can have a continuous harvest throughout the summer and fall, instead of 50 carrots maturing at the same time.

lemons are for licking

We’ve been able to eat a few things from the garden for about a month now. mainly lettuce and swiss chard.

lemons are for licking

We over crowded the spring mix lettuce so that we could eat the baby leaves as we thinned it, Our first harvest looked like this and we added it to our store bought salad.

lemons are for licking

now we are harvesting whole heads of romaine 😀 the boys are accually tired of hearing me spouting off things like, “Have more salad its from our garden, this is the food you planted” I get a “I know Mom” back lol

lemons are for licking

The tomatoes have been the thriving, my Dad gave me some pointers on pruning them so that the plant would put all its energy into the fruit. And I just love the smell of tomato vines !

lemons are for licking

We have also been able to nibble on our blueberries already when we’re in the back.

The last photo I want to show you amazes me, I had planted a few carrots last year  in a container, and forgot about them. They froze over winter. And then they surprisingly started growing again this spring. Well now they are flowering ! I have never seen a carrot flower.

lemons are for licking

carrot flower


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  1. Great looking garden and I say those same things, over and over… We might as well be proud of our labor of love..

    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~

    • thanks so much Laura! I totally agree with you, thats part of why blogging and reading blogs has become so important to me. getting to see and the things that people are creating out of their passions or creativity is a great break in my dizzying days. and having a spot to share what i do just for myself cuz i like it is fantastic

  2. Your garden is just lovely and it sure is nice to eat your own plants. I love your carrot flower and especially how enthused you are about it all. xoxoxoxo

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