KCW Update


I got off to a great start this session  of Kids Cloths Week, and ran out of steam a bit as the week rolled on. I did sew for an hour each day except for Thursday.

I have not had time to photograph the boys in thier new shirts yet or do a propper post. So that means you all will have some posts with photos to look forward to 🙂 I also haven’t updated my project page on the KCW page, or had a chance to look at what everyone else is doing.
So to be  realistic, there is no way I will finish  all that I set out to sew. Sitting down for an hour a day has made me think that I might want to dedicate  a few hours a week to sewing for the rest of the summer.

Hmmm ….lets say 2 days a week for a minimum  of an hour. Bet I could breeze threw my fabric stash and finally buy more (weeeee fabric spree!!) Totally  do-able goal, and I can build the kids summer and fall wardrobe  as well as my own.


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