Racer Shorts

Racer Shorts

Yes this is another KCW post 🙂

One of the projects was racer shorts for Mr. K. the inspiration comes from Made, and Dana’s tutorial on new school takes on racer shorts form the 70’s. I had planned to whip up more than 1 pair of these….however one pair with this material was quite enough!

lemons are for licking

The material was a nightmare ! I picked it up in a discount bin, its a athlenctic type knit. Its such a shame really that it is a grumpy material to work with, because its a bright happy blue, really light weight and so it will be comfortable to wear  Its the kind of knit that just skips stitches like crazy,

I stated with a zig-zag…no luck…and then went to my stretch stitches, well my thread kept breaking ! So I switched over to the  serger. It was still a pain 😦   the overlock part was fine, but the main seam needle thread kept breaking. Ugg !

lemons are for licking

 The saving grace on them was the bias tape that makes them a racer short. It totally stabilized the fabric so its the one part of the project that wasn’t at all frustrating. The detail it adds is nice, Mr. K got to choose the colour. And bonus not hemming 😀  I’m already looking at the fabric stash and trying to decide what to make into more bias tape so that I can make more racer shorts.


I will mention and let you all see the horror of the waistband, and what I tried there. E has a pair of swim trunks that have a boxer like waist with 3 seams all gathered. I attempted it even though I knew the fabric was horrid to sew (stubborn when I get a design idea i guess.) It looks pretty ruff !

lemons are for licking

Good news is they stay up on his trim waistline and he has been wearing them all week.

PS: just realized I forgot to say the pattern is self drafted from a pair of his shorts


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