Hi, welcome to my little space, Lemons are for Licking. I’m Jodi the creative force behind all this.  I live in Vancouver Canada; so if you want, just picture me sewing in an igloo with my pet moose roaming near by. :) I have 3 kids, a lovely teenage girl and two little boys 4 and 2. I mainly sew for the boys but occasionally I make something for myself.


The name for this blog comes from my 4 yr old son who loves lemons, he says they are very licky (it was originally  pins needles blog) With the new year I decided to make a few changes, the main one choosing a name that makes me smile. Also I would like to invite you to add to the new  flicker pool so I can see what you are up to.

The online community has inspired me and taught me so much. And I feel its time for me to add my little voice to it all. I want to share my learning to sew journey with you, and show case what I create. I hope to give back some of the inspiration and encouragement that the online community has given to me. I have learned so much from the tutorials, pictures and patterns posted by the amazing women bloggers, and will be linking back to what I use regularly.

You’ll notice as you read through that a lot of my fabric sources are discarded T-shirts from my friends. I love love love up-cycling!  Most of my projects are for boys, I try to spice things up with applique and fabric paint. I do hope to add a bit of canuck flair, and when I find a good canadian source for something I’ll share it for all my fellow canadians (and  if you know a great source please share it too.)

add another page.


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