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Ewok Encounters


Have you seen the new Star Wars movie? We took the kids over the holidays and they just loved it. In preparation we re-watched episode IV, V, VI with them. This caused an obbsession for lil’ E with Ewoks. He started talking like one, made his own spear out of a wrapping paper tube. His imagination was locked on to Ewoks.

lemons are for licking

So for the first time in a while I got really inspired to sew. I’ve made themed hoodies before check them out here and here, but it has been such a long time I didn’t have a pattern that would fit my big now 5-year-old boy. So I modified a Blank Slate Cardigan pattern. I can never say enough good stuff about these patterns. They really are a wonderful place to start any project.

Talking to E about what he wanted, helped me figure out what changes to make to the size 5 cardigan pattern. He wanted it to be more like a shift not with a zipper down the front. So I brought up the v neckline to a regular one, using the back pattern piece as a bit of a rough guide (the back necklines are always higher you know) and cut on the fold instead of cutting 2 pieces.


He also chose the fabric, a nice warm soft grey fleece, and brown jersey knit for the hood. I did do some convincing to have a light brown inside to the hood, and I’m glad he agreed the lighter colour looks nice next to his lil’ face.

The hood was self drafted off his winter coat, and was the part that took the longest. I wanted to create that hood pulled over your cute bear head look, and the effect turned out really cool. To do this I left the bottom edges of the outside layer of the hood long and rough, I didn’t even worry if it was even or matched up well at the bottom, because it would just be trimmed off later. The idea was you can always cut off more but you can’t cut any on 😀 Then when attaching the hood to the sweater; instead of sewing it on together all nice I only sewed the inside layer of the hood to the neckline of the sweater, this left the outside long and created that signature hood of the Star Wars Ewok tribe.


Personally I think the front under his chin could be trimmed up a bit more but E says no! he likes it as is 🙂 Also this hood design made it so I could place the ears nicely. I had E try on the sweater and adjusted the ears, they are sewn only to the outside layer, all the rough edges are between the 2 layers so it dosn’t bug him.

I’m sure you can tell by his smiley face that he is happy about his new Ewok shirt, he has been wearing it for 3 days solid. And yesterday asked when I would be making the pants ….to cute!



Well Helloo Blog,

I have once again been neglecting you.

The summer came and I was all inspired post KCW. I got a few things cut out for myself, that are happily sitting on my sewing table.

And ya know what happened….I went camping and then I spent time playeing in my new garden….oh and then we got a canoe and fishing rods….we have 3 more mini vacations planed with the kids and family out in the woods.

So my half done projects remain half done.


howerver the kids summer of full of woodland adventures

and my summer is full of fresh carrots and tomatoes

The projects will all be there in september when the house is emptty of sandy shoes and wet bathing suits. I may even get around to sweeping the floor 🙂

Blog Neglect

KCW Update


I got off to a great start this session  of Kids Cloths Week, and ran out of steam a bit as the week rolled on. I did sew for an hour each day except for Thursday.

I have not had time to photograph the boys in thier new shirts yet or do a propper post. So that means you all will have some posts with photos to look forward to 🙂 I also haven’t updated my project page on the KCW page, or had a chance to look at what everyone else is doing.
So to be  realistic, there is no way I will finish  all that I set out to sew. Sitting down for an hour a day has made me think that I might want to dedicate  a few hours a week to sewing for the rest of the summer.

Hmmm ….lets say 2 days a week for a minimum  of an hour. Bet I could breeze threw my fabric stash and finally buy more (weeeee fabric spree!!) Totally  do-able goal, and I can build the kids summer and fall wardrobe  as well as my own.

KCW day 2


Just a quick update. I managed to get my pair if mis-matched shirts finished today. It took much more than a simple hour, there was lots of fussing with the neckband on the red one. It was too small, see I had to adjust the size of the pattern for my boys (they have grown out if the Oliver and S field trip pattern I have) and I didn’t estimate the neckband well.
There was much seam ripping and re- cutting and Frankensteining today in my little sewing corner. But it got done yay!

New Adventures in Not Sewing


My little BLOG here started as a place to document my adventures in sewing. To add to a community that has kept me company during my days home with my lovely (but at the time not so great at conversation) little boys. I have grown so much as a sewing momma mainly due to the great inspiration of the online sewing community. Being able to challenge myself, share it, sew along and watch others do the same. Are you feeling the love in this post yet ?!

As of late I am finding that my hyperactivness craftyness has been shifting away from sewing, towards new interests, things I may not have tried if I hadn’t been documenting my sewing here in this little space, where I can see it progress. So I have decided to widen the focus here to include some of the other ways I am keeping my crafty hands busy. There will still be sewing cuz I just love it. And there is a tone of fabric in my stash needing to be transformed in to stuff lol

So stay tuned for some new stuff that I’m all inspired about that isn’t sewing 🙂

halloween night photos


Here are the promised photos of our haunted home on Halloween. The photos are unedited strait off my pho2014-10-31 16.36.25ne. 2014-10-31 16.35.592014-10-31 16.35.412014-10-31 16.36.352014-10-31 16.37.372014-10-31 16.37.122014-10-31 16.37.07

These are taken as I was lighting the pumpkins, it was sort of dusk but not dark yet. Our fog machine was in the alcove by the door and added to the mood 🙂 We had glow sticks around the dollies. Next year I will light the ghoul better.

lemony good update


Well hello….I sewed up a storm threw may and enjoyed the creative process so much. Ordered some new patterns and stayed true to my ideas of sewing from the fabric stash. It was just too good to be true. Baseball seasons, school year end, the call of the beach, all brought my creative fit to a slow death, lol

It is funny actually (I truly am laughting audibly) cuz try as I might creativity seems to comes in tangents… not steady flows. Its a good thing that there is a blogishere full of amazment to keep me inspired. Without it the creative whirle winds would be few and far between gentle gusts of wind.

So instead of finishing my lady skater dress, I have been side tracked by trips to the beach, a camping weekend, teaching a bull dog to swim, summer library club, and reading books in the sunshine.

I actually sat dowwn to sew and finish up my cute dress other day,  so I could wear my new dress on our vacation next week. You know what I couldn’t find it in the pile of sewing 😀 oh well.

Hopefully there will be posts soon, showing some nice sew garments, possibly inspire some one the was I am constantly inspired by others. Or i will just be having a water fight in the back yard. I love summer ! 

Back at it….?


Well I finally got to sit down at my machine and sew! It was so nice, you see the awful cold I’ve been fighting turned out to be pneumonia. So that explains my lack of energy o_O


The pattern was drafted way in the summer, after the yummy knit sale at my local fabric shop (see what else was made here, here and here). Its based on a shirt I own and like. The only real modification is the length. I’m long in the waist and narrow threw the shoulders so I often lengthen shirt patterns. The back hem is tweaked to be slightly longer (providing some coverage) than the front hem.


I used the seger to add a bit if detail on the seams, I sewed the seams with the regular machine first. Then sergered them, lining the needles up so that the serger seam was to the inside, without slicing off the original straight seam. Because my serger is old, and has tension issues it creates this nice effect that I see on pricey brand name T-shirts. I found this out by accident while sewing new scrubs. To save time I sewed them straight on the serger this odd stitched together look was the result. It worked for the scrubs as they are a spooky theme already. You can see them here.


The cuffs have the serging on the outside as well. I need to confess that it took me like a long time to figure out how to put those cuffs on so that the seam would show. pinning and un-pinning and flipping things around. As I write this I cannot remember if it was right sides together or wrong sides or ever right to wrong. If you trust yourself to sew them like you do bias tape, that would be the easiest way. I didn’t think I could keep all the seams strait that way. So I sewed the inside in place with a zig zag, flipped it and top stitched the outside of the cuff down with a stretch stitch…..clear as mud right..?


I left the neckline plain, with a narrow neck band. I felt there was enough detail to keep the shirt interesting. All in all I like the fit, the knit I used is heavier than the original shirt. So I could use a 1/4″ more room in the arms. But that’s being obsessive.


PS: after wearing it for a day a few inches in the arms are a must on the next shirt. Its impossible to push the sleeves up to my elbows, a must for kid bathing lol.