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Bunnies Made by Boys


I was cleaning out some photo files on my PC and came across this project that never got blogged. One bored day last summer the boys and I made some stuffed bunnies out of old socks. They were feeling bored I was feeling crafty …. drum roll please….

Bunnies !!

We took old socks, drew out some ears (I do believe I used a you tube tutorial to show the kids the idea of it but 6 mths later have no idea who to credit) I did the ear part for them on the machine.


It was really cute watching them choose what sock would make the best bunnie for them. E chose a really fuzzy sock, it ended up being really stretchy too. K liked the maple leaf sock, he had learned all about our flag in kindergarten.

stuff stuffing

stuff stuffing

They had a good time and stuffed more stuffing then I ever thought possible into the socks.


Such busy little hands 🙂

The boys enjoyed making the choices of what buttons for eyes, and how big to make the arms and where to place them.


They liked watching the bunnies come to life with they work of their  own hands. They did most of the sewing up at the bottom, I hardly had to help.


looking like a bunnie now

After we were done the boys made homes for them out of shoe boxes. The bunnies still live in them, and E puts treasures that he finds in with his bunnie.



Small Declutter Project


Ok so I’m suppose to be sorting and cleaning the boxes from our summer move (the organized people are cringing I know.) My plan was to make hey while the sun shined and get stuff done sitting the dreary yukkie Vancouver rain. I hate house work, I’d much rather do something else. And I’ve been really sick, so not a lot of organizing happened in November. My loving teen Daughter took pity on me. She has the organization gene, I think it skipped a generation on me, but she has it.
Anyway she tackled the junk cupboard in the kitchen where I stuffed odd kitcheny clutter boxes. AND the junk drawer! All in one afternoon ! I helped a little by staying out of the way and chatting with her.
I did manage to do a  small declutter project, inspired from pintrest. I streamlined our phone charging station. You know what it’s like, cords and phones and plugging and unplugging, everything gets tangled. This will no longer happen at the house of lemons.

It was so easy too. Step 1 – get a cute box, and a power bar that will fit inside your cute box.


Using an exacto knife (or other sharp thing) cut a slit down the side of the box to feed you cord threw. You could also place a hole in the bottom depending on your box and where its gnna live in your house.


step 2- Cut a small hole in the lid of the box, just big enough for a few cords to fit threw. Mine has just one hole for 2 cords; if y0u are charging 3 or more devices you may want a hole for each cord or one on each end of your box. Remember the idea si to tame the cord tangles.


step 3- plug in your charges (my box is shallow so some adjustment needed to be made,) and bundle up the cords so there all nice and twist tied and neat. Place the cords in the box.


Step 4 – Pop the top on the box feeding the ends of the chargers threw the hole. Now get excited about how tidy your charging station is.


Even after a few days the cupboard by the coffee maker is looking tidy and nice. yay !

phonebox7And Check out my cupboard, that amazing Daughter of mine did an amazing job. All the cookbooks are assessable, the tape, glue and coupons all have a home.


Thanks kiddo for organizing for me, I’m positive that Santa was watching 😉

felt holder tutorial


All kids love felt markers, their bright and fun to colour with. Only thing about felts is that around here the lids are always getting lost. Well not any more !


I made them a felt block, I got the idea from a mom and tot drop in we go to all the time. The kids can grab a marker and put them back, nothing gets lots and all the markers stay fresh. When they do die you can just buy new ones and plunk them in.


It was easy enough to make. Start with a 2 x 4 and cut it down to about 8 inches. Then map out your marker holes. I measured a grid starting in from each side 3/4 of an inch, and down from the top and bottom 1 inch. The measured out at 2 inch intervals from there (1 3 5 7 inches.) The markers will be staggered slightly within the grid to make room for little hands.


Once your grid is drawn, drill into the wood about half and inch using a huge drill bit, we had one the same size as the marker.


Sand it all nice. I then let the boys paint it with glitter paint.


Once the paint is good and dry, glue the marker lid down into the holes. I used wood glue but any could probably work. A few of my  markers did not stick well, so I scored them with an emery board and re-glued them. I think it would be best to just score them all to begin with to give the glue something to grab.


Let it dry really good, mine took 2 days (Vancouver is pretty humid right now)


One little boy was ready to colour as soon as the felt holder was done 🙂


And Ta-Da ! no more lost marker lids !!