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Slipper Socks


So my yarn obsession continues. I had been using a borrowed loom from my friend and have since purchases some looms of my own. At the request of one of my boys I knitted up a pair of slippers for each of them. K even chose the yarn at the store, its vibrant and busy just like them. This is the tiny loom used, how cute ey? Thinking it could be used to make mittens for next winter too.

yarn For a pattern all I did was check out the amazing stuff on pinterest  and winged it. The socks are  just a tube with a space knit in for a heal. To do that you  knit on one side of the loom for a few rows, I did about 8 rows, that’s what it took to make my rainbow tube bend.


I haven’t perfected this yet, the looms technique that is shown with on pinterset is always an adult sized round loom, so  it didn’t translate too well onto my little rectangle. I created an odd kinda hole that where the heal pocket should’ve joined nicely, I hand tacked it up at the end. Thinking of playing with it on a larger loom before I attempt another tiny socky.


looks like he has grey feet, nope just socks under there lol

As always the boys were just thrilled with their little slipper socks ! Weirdly the fit is a bit short….honestly I sized them using their feet. Mr. Lemons says they must have grown in the 3 days it took to knit the slippers.  Possibly as K is eating everything in sight this week. Or possibly my heal hack job was part of it 🙂


fits a bit better on bear toes



Loom Knitting


I have recently become obsessed with loom knitting. I have yarn crafted most of my life. I was taught to crochet by my aunt and grandmother. My grandmother had also tried to teach me to knit on many occasions,  I am much better at crochet. In grade 3 we had a crocheting club at recess. Our crafty teacher taught us how to read pattern and count our stiches. We made blankets and doll cloths and christmas stockings.  I have a lot of nice memories chattering with friends in a warm classroom shelter from the awful alberta winters surrounded by yarn, and the satisfaction of creating something.

I drifted away from yarn crafts and took on sewing a few years ago now (woah time flies) I love how fast garment sewing is compared to needle crafting a blanket or sweater. Latly i only crochet when we are on road trips.

But last week that changed. A girlfriends showed me her loom knitting project, then lent me a loom. I am SO Hooked !!

I whipped up a slumpy toque, on the borrowed loom. Then ran out and bought my own set. I’m excited to say that my daughter has also jumped on the loom bandwagon. This is no small victory as a crafter I have been trying to spark an intrest in her for ….. well forever. And she is looming away like a littke pro, making a infinity scarf for herself. (I’m so proud). I’m working on slippers for yhe little boys and then I plan to make some legwarmers for myself.

Anyway heres a quick snap shot if my toque


Vacation Slippers


We were recently on a family trip to our home town. And that mean lots of driving, straight threw the Rockies. For me that means yarn crafts to pass the time. I just can’t sit still, so I crochet.


I made a pair of my leather bottomed booties for our newest babies in the extended family. They came together so quickly that I started a pair for K.


I love making slippers with leather bottoms, you can wear them on the porch and stuff. This time on K’s pair I got a bit more adventurous. Instead of building off the leather base, I added it to a crocheted bottom. The hardwood and tile seem chilly already at the new house, and we are just starting the rainy season, so I figured the added layer would keep his toes all snug.

in k's fav colour green!

in k’s fav colour green!

I will admit it was a bit tricky making a kid foot size. Being used to fat little baby feet and all. the technique is not perfected yet. They did come together he likes them so I started a pair for lil’ E too. They are sadly not done the scenery was too beautiful so I watched the landscape instead of crocheting.


I planned to finishes E’s ASAP when we got home but they are still not done so the post is going up as is 🙂 You can see the inside all cozy and lines with wool, and I included a shot of the leather soles.


I’ll leave you with some highway views, the snapshots d=off my phone really don’t do the beauty of the landscapes justice. There are taken from the western coastal mountains of Canada into the prairies and back again.


Our majestic peaks to out wide open prairie skies !