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colour blocked maxi dress


With summer comes summer dresses.

I’ve been checking out the 30 days of summer over at Melly Sews, if you haven’t had a peek you really should. I was got all inspired as I usually do when clicking threw blogs. But it was actually my teen who convinced me to make a maxi length sundress. We were out at target, I was still on the fence with the whole trend. I tend to get a bit stuck in  the familiar….and on the hangers the maxi dresses all look a bit like a granny nightie. Well she made me try 6 different dresses, and by the end of our little shopping trip I was ready to make one.


The bodice was drafted off of a tank top, and the skirt loosely followed a tutorial put up by Melly Sews for a maxi dress (find it here). The hi-low hem is a trend I like, it feels all fun and rompy.

Because I was copying the bodice off an existing shirt  and needed to free hand the skirt, I cut the bodice out first. BIG mistake do not do this to your lovely thin silky jersey knit you got on sale. Because if you do you will not have enough material left to make a skirt ! even a neat hi-low skirt ! A impromptu trip to the fabric store got me nowhere cuz the bolt was sold out ( ok not totally nowhere there was new stuff on the sale table … reminder to self go check for more sale knits this week) that is when my maxi dress turned into a colour block maxi dress yay!!  Colour block to the rescue !!


Thankfully even with all the chaos the dress turned out

And its fun to twirl in !




monkey dress – spring top sew along


I’ve been sewing along with Rae from made-by-rae, her spring top sew along came at a prefect time for me, I needed a little push it finish a few projects for myself. With summer around the corner I wanted to make some dresses and tops that have been rolling around in my mind a reality. My favorite sun dress does not fit as wonderfully as it used to. Crazy what 2 more kids can do to a bust line.


I used a shirt making tutorial by one little minute, to copy the pattern of the original favorite dress. This tutorial is great and is now how I copy store bought cloths, no more cutting them apart or measuring all the angles, awesome!  I adjusted the fit by adding 1.5 inches to the bodice all the was around the top seam, creating a more modest sweetheart neckline. Once it was all pieced together, oh and part finished I tried it on to find it weird. check it out lol


The lessons here, try on before adding the bias tape 🙂 it makes readjustments much easier. And you do not need to add to the underarm area if ya just wanna cover your bosom. Also the jersey knit was way stretchier than the original fabric so I took in the side seam a bit.


This was also my first attempt at shirring. I was really intimidated but, all the amazing bloggers out there said it was easy. I did some tutorial research grabbed some elastic thread and dove in. Let me tell you, it is not only simple but so neat to see the fabric all bunch up and transform before you eyes! You can find some good tutorials here here


little toes made it into the shot lol

A bit about the fabric, the main one is a jersey knit sheet I bought on clearance, with the intention to use it just for the  fabric. The sock monkeys are Socky by Wistler Studio. I SO love the sock monkey print!  The teen, is opposed to the fabric, she came to the  store with me that day and really tried to talk me out of buying those wonderful happy monkeys. I did  also purchase a lovely blue mint polka-a-dot fabric that I will use for a more “grown up” looking top.


I wanted the straps to be adjustable but, I don’t have any of the real hard ware to do that. So I made them pillow case style with a little loop n’ tie. I am just obsessed with bias tape so trimmed the neck line too. i thought really hard about weather on not to tape the hem and chose to save the monkeys so i could use them again 🙂


Instead the hem is simply serged. Its a first attempt of doing that ruffle effect where you stretch the fabric on purpose.( Great tutorial on that and all kinds of serging hems here again from one little minutes series. ) I’m pleased with the way it turned out and love how fast it is. I hate large hemming projects, and I think its a great way of hiding the slight unevenness usually create while hemming.


So there it is my monkey dress remake, complete with pleated pockets and adjustable straps. Made from super comfy jersey knit. Now all I need is for the west coast rain to stop for a few days so I can wear it.  — a little note here about the last group of pictures they were snapped by My Lil’ K what a great helper 😀

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