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Mr Lemon does shirts


The other day Mr Lemons turns to me and says “we should do shirts!” Freezer paper stencil are one of our family’s favorite crafts, you can see some of our creations here and here. So on my next yarn buying trip the boys chose a few small blank T’s at Michaels. It is so hard to tell from these first photos that these shirts are fluorescent.


Usually I organize the crafting, but this time Mr Lemons got inspired and did all the prep, planning it all out, drawing it up and cutting it all out. Then on a gross rainy evening it was all set to go.

let the madness begin

let the madness begin

The inspiration this time around was Minions. Despicable Me is E’s favorite movie right now and we are all obsessed with the game minion rush on our hand helds.


We mixed up some grey for E its his new favorite colour, orange is now his number 2  favorite lol


The result was 2 amazing Minion shirts. And no they could not possibly be any brighter 😀 allowing kids creative freedom often leads to bright colours.

And yes as always they wore them the very next day !!

now they look flourecent

now they look florescent

This last photo was actually  taken a few weeks ofter our shirts were done, I think on the third wearing. The shirts had already been threw the washing machine twice. The great thing about my disorganization is that now you can all see how well freezer stenciling holds up in the wash 😀


Its Shirt Painting Time Again


If you’ve been reading my lemony blog for a bit you will know that my whole family loves making painting shirts. So over the holidays we were inside a lot together and Mr. lemons asks if we were gonna make shirts any time soon. How bout over the holiday was my answer. With all the family and friendly gatherings it wasn’t until almost the end of our time off together that we got around the shirt making. but man it was a fun night as always.

We use the freezer paper method. I believe there is a tutorial link in my summer post of our stenciled muscle shirts click here. Its super easy and fun, the littles can help and they always feel so proud of there great work. All of our stenciled shirts are always in high wearing rotation. Cuz they are custom and exactly what they want plus they did it themselves.  This time the focus was transformers and hockey. Its what their into, so Mr. Lemons got to the drawing board.


Its nice having a fellow to draw what ya need. E’s was custom designed a skull n’ cross bones (for momma) with a hockey theme. I didn’t get a shot of the finished sketch.


Iron them on and let the little artist go mad with fabric paint.

shirtsgroupOur lovely girl helped K he had a lot of stripy shirt to cover and it took longer than E’s outline design. What a great big sister !

After letting them dry overnight you get to rip off all the paper for the big reveal!


“Just like Optimus Prime… yeay !”


K wore his shirt first week back to school.


And E wore his for 2 whole days ( it would have been more if you let him.) talking about how he is a hockey player – he takes skating lessons.

But no matter how much they love their shirts…. those boys get fed up with all the photos


cute little grumps


More muscles


Last week I totally went to town making muscle shirts, two more for each boy. I used the Hipster Henley pattern again as a blue print since the fit was so nice on the first set of shirts. This time in the spirit of speed I left out the button placket and the ribbing around the arm holes. Opting instead to add details in the finishing.The littles over here are obsessed with Angry Birds, what kid isn’t lately, so we decided to freezer paper stencil the new shirts. We haven’t done this for some time, and every time we do the whole crew gets involved here and we have a blast!

mm7If you haven’t freezer paper stenciled before you are missing out. It is so fun and so easy ! For a great tutorial click here But basically you find or draw a stencil. My printer was being moody so Mr. Lemons drew all of ours. Transfer it onto freezer paper, this great stuff that is one side paper and the other a plastic. This is found at any grocery store. Cut out your stencil. Iron onto a shirt, the plastic backing acts as a seal, and paint with fabric paint.mm10

As you can see the boys love it and feel so proud of the awesomeness they create. With their little tongues out in concentration on their masterpieces (too cute right) K’s chosen angry bird is the elusive Eagle, that’s the beauty of it, totally custom for your little people! mm5

E wanted a star wars one too, he loves the storm trooper pigs!mm6

The material is a mix up, the skulls and orange are from the jersey knit sale I hit up last month ( yea that is the orange from the colour blocked maxi) and a grey that has lived in my stash a long time (you can see it used here too.)mm2

I played with my beloved serger “Betty” by adding a bright blue thread to the over-lock spool. Creating a nice finishing detail. I like the way it turned out on the arm holes the most.mm11

The busy skull print needed a pocket to break it up, and so that K could tell the back from the frontmm12

I really love the way they shirts turned out. Great fit. Awesome details. The boys love them and request to wear them lots. Mr Lemons had so much fun crafting with us he wants to do some shirts of his own next time 😀