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How Does My Garden Grow


Before I get all wrapped up in KCW I figured I should do a quick update on the garden.

It is beautiful

lemons are for licking

All the planting is based on square foot gardening. Which is a high density planting plan that is supposed to reduce weeds and yield good crops. In the left bed we planted pumpkins, squash, and zucchini  at the back; peas, Beans, carrots, beats, and lettuce in the front of the first bed. The second bed is full of tomatoes, and they are just massive; more lettuce, swiss chard, beats and onions. There are also some bell peppers in there and space left open for more planting. The plan is to plant more carrots and beats lettuce, that way we can have a continuous harvest throughout the summer and fall, instead of 50 carrots maturing at the same time.

lemons are for licking

We’ve been able to eat a few things from the garden for about a month now. mainly lettuce and swiss chard.

lemons are for licking

We over crowded the spring mix lettuce so that we could eat the baby leaves as we thinned it, Our first harvest looked like this and we added it to our store bought salad.

lemons are for licking

now we are harvesting whole heads of romaine 😀 the boys are accually tired of hearing me spouting off things like, “Have more salad its from our garden, this is the food you planted” I get a “I know Mom” back lol

lemons are for licking

The tomatoes have been the thriving, my Dad gave me some pointers on pruning them so that the plant would put all its energy into the fruit. And I just love the smell of tomato vines !

lemons are for licking

We have also been able to nibble on our blueberries already when we’re in the back.

The last photo I want to show you amazes me, I had planted a few carrots last year  in a container, and forgot about them. They froze over winter. And then they surprisingly started growing again this spring. Well now they are flowering ! I have never seen a carrot flower.

lemons are for licking

carrot flower


The Over Grown Shrubs


Spring sprung early here in the north-west, and after months of cloud cover and rain it is just so great to get out into the sunshine. There has been lots of work to do in our yard, when we bought  our Little House of Lemons a year and a half ago (wow time flies) the front beds were all overgrown, and the back yard had just a few neglected beds.

garden house

The only photo I could find of the front beds is from the listing. Can you believe that there are 11 shrubs in there ?!

gardenThis one is more recent but is is post mega prune.

This Spring I have almost finished tidying up that fount bed.  Those plants were all wild and growing into each other when we moved in. I have been learning about the shrubs and doing my best to not ‘shock’ them as I prune them back. I’ve been doing it in phases, the rhododendrons were last spring.


This spring I tackled the azaleas. They were higher than the boxwoods, I did what is called a re-juvination pruning. its a severe cutting back. Since the shrubs are  mature they should come back in a nice ball shape. It looks bare now but I have hope. I’ll give you all an update on them over summser.

More Things not Sewing


Some of the time I have been away from my sewing table this spring has been in the garden. In the back this year we just put in a raised bed for me to garden in. !! I’ve wanted one since we moved it, I enjoy gardening, but had been really limited as to what I could grow when we were living in our townhouse. It took me some time to pick a spot in the new yard, its in the north-west corner, but since our home faces east that is the sunniest spot in the yard.

garden2We had to pull out a rhododendron (it found a nice new home with a friend.)


The plan is to build a second raised bed right beside it and leave that little blue berry bush where it is.

It was a bit of a job but a lot of fun. There were power tools and long distance phone calls to my carpenter step-dad.


Its basically a box of cedar planks. I learned a carpenter short cut, you hammer together the basic box first, level it, and then securing it all with screws to the stakes that support it. Takes the removes the chance of errors in where your stakes are planted. It is then much easier to add the second boards.


The boys pitched in with their rock removal and leveling skills, thanks little men!


The only nutty part was that since I work shift work, and needed some dirt hauling help from Mr. Lemons, the weekend we had off together was a rainy one.


He is a good sport and went along with my excited madness. So there we were slogging threw the muck hauling tubs of rich soil. It was worth the drizzle and the messy jeans cuz on the monday I could plant 🙂