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cute little turtle pants


These cute little pants were started as part of Kids cloths week, and were almost completed. All that was left was the pant leg hem and the front snap. And I procrastinated about a month. This pair is for my youngest E. I wanted to use up some of this great seersucker fabric I bought way back when both boys were smaller. Its so cute with stripes and little turtles. The fabric seems a bit too baby sweet for my big kindergarten boy. But little E can still pull it off. The seersucker is also nice and light, perfect to take him threw spring and and into summer.


The pattern was clean slate pants from blank slate patterns. Melly’s patterns are just great, I find it really easy to size both my kids with her patterns. I cannot remember what size I did these in…..oh well it matched his measurements what ever it was. There was some on the fly inspiration while sewing them up. Most likely due to all the KCW posts and shares going on. I decided to add a pull tie on the leg so the pants can become capri pants.

rolled down

rolled down

rolled up

rolled up

In thought this was pretty simple, as I’ve done it to a shirt before. I did run into a few snaggs.

I did all the work for the gathering pulls before I sewed up the inseam to the pants. Good idea right, strait lines no fighting with pant leg, wiggling it onto the machine. You get the idea.

I made the ties out of scrap. And attached a rectangle scrap to the inside of the pant  leg as a casing for the tie.

ETgather3See nice strait easy sewing. What I didn’t consider was hemming. And that is why these cute little turtle pants sat on the sewing desk for a month or so. My cool idea made serging and hemming the cuff kinda yukky. the tie casing was right in the way.  What I ended up doing was just serging the pant legs and not hemming at all. It felt like way too much work to move the casing or even shortening it. So next time I do this I’ll move the casing up, so that it ends an inch or so above where the hem will be, instead of right at the hem line.

ETgather2And the truth is there are a few more sewing errors in these pants. Did you notice that the turtles are upside down, on the front and not on the back, yep I messed up when cutting out my pieces. I chose not to worry about it 😀

The other alteration I did was to put in an adjustable waistband. If you have never tried this do it ! you can buy the button hole elastic everywhere. it makes flat front pants so easy to fit. I use my button hole foot on my machine for the hole in the waistband, and hand sew the button on.


So there they are the cutest little turtle pants, mishaps and all.


"mom is my face in there?"

“mom is my face in there?”







Cargo Pants


New pants for K !


yes he is wearing a pajama shirt, we had lots of jammie days over christmas

Its really about time the boy has just been growing faster than my sewing can keep up. So all the poor boy has been sporting is store made jeans although cute as all get out, not that comfy for a growing busy boy. Every one needs comfy pants to run and climb in.


I used the Cargo pants pattern from Oliver and S. This is the second pair of pants I’ve made with the pattern (check out the first one here,) I adjusted the fit a bit as K is so tall. He is actually taller than the pants pattern but still on the chart for waist. So I added length to the pants at the tops and bottoms of the light brown pieces, hoping that the knee patches would fall in the right place. They came out a bit longer than needed.  I’ve decided not to hem them shorter because I’m sure he will grow again in the next 4 days lol


What does drive me a bit nuts is the rise seems a bit too long, you can really tell in this photo. I don’t remember that from the other pair I made, its kinda weird. Also that like every thing the boy wears, except for extreme skinny jeans, his new cargoes fit baggy and wide. Since his waist measurement fit with the pattern I didn’t adjust for his slightness. Next time I will. After cropping the photos today I started thinking that I should re- sew the waist. Bringing the waist a bit lower might improve the fit correcting the length and possibly helping him fill in some of the bagginess…? I’ll let ya know if I do.


The fabric is all from the stash, I’ve used the light brown interlock knit in a few other projects and actually forgot where I got it. I’m almost positive it was a remnant of some kind. The black is left over hoodie that was first up-cycled as part of the great Green Lantern Hoodie. Because of the weight of the fabric I omitted the flap on the cargo pocket. I also hid some cute little race cars in the pocket lining. Also to K’s great delight I used his favorite thread its a variegated blue green metallic.


All in all I like the pants and how they turned out. He finds them comfortable and they look cute.  And great for silly dancing !


Perfect Play Pants


These cute pants flew off the machine a few weeks ago. They have been worn and even thrown in the wash a few times. The boy needed pants that fit so photos and posts had to wait.


looks like that long shirt got tucked at some point 😛

Mr K loves them, they are made out of a medium weight jersey knit, so they are just so comfy. The waist is elasticized with a mock fly. I used yellow thread that you cannot see well in any photo I snapped, but trust me adds that little touch o’ cute.


  the pockets are left over baby blanket flannel. Both fabrics were grabbed from the basement of Dress Sew (great store in down town Vancouver)
The pattern is one of my go to’s the basic pant from Made. Adjusted to fit a bit slimmer and longer , on my tall lean man.  I’ve  and of coarse added pockets.


Like I said these have been in circulation for weeks now,  I grabbed a photo opp this past weekend.  We were enjoying a Sunday afternoon with friends and I noticed K was wearing his new yoga pants.

Anyway they hold up well in the day to day ruff n’ tumble of boy play. He can move freely ! Play hard and has a pocket to holster his water pistol in !


he got shot down

ps: the grass stains came out easy

spring capris



I have gratefully found some time to sew ! I sure enjoy the process and feeling of completion when a project is done.

These Cute little capris were actually started in the fall as pants for E. I believe they were self drafted off a pair of pants he had…. I was able to rework them cutting down the wierd rise, and turning them into a cute sumer capri pant.


The fabric is a blue cord from my stash bought long ago on clearance. I attempted to make them playful by switching the direction on the ridges on the side pockets.


I did the waist in my new favorite way for lil’ E, knit ridding with elastic. I copied this from a store bought pair and just love how it works with our bulky cloth diapers. Plus he is able to pull his cloths up and down himself ( if the potty training gets going again.) I tried to do a flatter front on this pair and sewed elastic just on the back panel, it didn’t quite work out. His pants fell down at the park, so i threw a draw string in.


At the height E is he can wear them as is or rolled up, and if he grows ( as we know they do ! ) over the summer his new nifty capri cords will still fit.


some serious playing going on



one great pant deserves another


Last week I blogged a new pair of pants for lil’ E (you can see them here) and so this week we have a pair for Mr K. These boys of mine are just growing so fast, that the pants drawers are looking quite empty lately. K has requested comfy pants.


I used the basic kid pant by Dana of Made, she is celebrating the boy all week long, check what that is all about here. I lengthened the pattern to fit my tall guy and kept the pant leg strait.


The fabric is a sport grade type fabric that athletic shorts  and golf shirts and stuff is made of. I grabbed it out of a remnants bin. Its too light weight for winter in Vancouver so I lined the pants with a yummy soft flannel I forgot I had. The trim and knee pads are from a too small golf shirt. bluepantsjump

I never got a shot of it but the pants have a waistband in the dark blue as well. K loves the soft flannel and movability of them.


A few days after they were finished he asked “when are you making me some green ones?” lol looks like i need to get myself some green fabric!


one last attempt to show the lining fabric