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I am a Robot ! Meep Beep Beep !


The craft storm continues here at our little house of lemons. With E’s costume, he wants to be a robot for Halloween. Not just any robot, “A big robot with missiles coming out of his chest!” Pretty tall order it seemed, until we realized he meant this guy from a family favorite Halloween themed video game Costume Quest.  I just love his idea, he’s dressing up as a kid in a robot costume. Too funny.


The missile part comes from when the characters enter battle mode their costumes morph, and the Robot changes into this. when his special power is charged up he shoots shoots missiles at the bad trolls.


If you’re a gamer this is a great title to share with your kids, or are looking for a nice fun game for you kids, totally recommend it. Its a simple turn taking battles with world exploring. The main character has to save their sibling from the trolls, with the help of their friends and costumes.

Ok back to costume building…..

The challenge with this costume is our weather. We live in the Greater Vancouver area in Canada, so we get rain. In the winter its either raining, or just stopped raining or is about to rain. How would we do a cardboard costume in our climate?

Duck Tape !


and lots of it !

The whole outside of the boxes are covered in duck  tape, even the inside of the helmet.  The wings on the back as well as the front panel – where the missiles are – all tape. It was tedious work taping it all up, but E could help and feel that accomplishment of making his own costume. And it is totally water proof. He is so cute walking around in it !!


The buttons on the front are mason jar rings covered with red tape, once again taped on. What I did to attach them all tidy like, was make a square of the silver duck tape, cut a hole in the middle about 1.5 mm smaller around than the mason ring. Insert the ring through the hole slightly stretching the tape around it, and press the square into place. It holds nicely both due to the stretching on the silver tape around the ring, and the little edge of the mason ring that catches ( so hard to describe and I didn’t take photos of the process.) Once in place I went around the side of the ring with a small strip of red tape, giving it a nice finished look and clean  line.


The antenna is some sort of dollar store toy with a blinking Rudolph nose ‘taped’ to it. A mason ring was used again for the base. Mr. Lemons did that part, as well as the taping of the details on the back, all while I was out so I don’t know all the details of how the antenna was attached. There was tape involved for sure 😛


The arms are dryer venting from the local hardware store. It’s very flexible and shiny.  To attach the arms I only had to pop the venting into the arm holes and it stayed nicely. hallorobot4

The beat part is that E loves it! He has been playing with it non stop through the whole creation process, making all sorts of sound effects.  Beeps and Meeps and missile launching sounds. I’m starting to think that the tape not only makes it water proof but has added some strength to the costume.

Here is the detailing on the back. E got really excited when he showed me the work that he did with his Dad “It has wings and everything!”


He will be having a Happy Halloween !


PR&P – boys sew along


I’m excited to sew along this week. Since I usually sew for my boys this is right up my alley. My 2 little guys are big make believers so I wanted to make something that would add to their play.

Robot Shirts !


I knew I was on the right track when I asked big man K if he wanted his new shirt to make him like a robot with buttons and stuff. He started talking about big triangle buttons and then lil’ E started walking stomping around the house like a robot.


whirr boop bop beep !

Our photo shoot was a bit wild, it was really hard to get them to be still. There was lots of laser blasting and stomping as their imaginations took hold.


I wish you could hear all their great sound effects!

Like others sewing along, I wanted to use up some of the stash fabric. The shirts are made out of up-cycled T’s. The colours are all bright and fun! Much brighter than my usually choices. The stripes on the arms of E’s shirt were chosen with the idea of flexible hoses in mind. The components on each boys shirts are individual but similar, I wanted them to look like different models from the same factory.


It was a real blast making these shirts. The boys helped by picking some of the colours and shapes. K’s favorite colour is green and he needed triangles, as well as blaster buttons on the arms lol. My favorite is the zipper detail around the cogs on E’s shirt. The square gauges on the bottom are also a pockets, cuz who doesn’t love a pocket!


I stepped out of my comfort zone here, as I don’t usually pack this much detail onto my pieces, but once I got rolling I really enjoyed the creativity of it. The piping was added to make it all “Jetsons” space age. I have been wanting to add piping to something for a while now and this was the perfect project. Ashley at Make It and Love It  has a great tutorial on piping (and lots of other stuff too)

robotsontherunNeedless to say the shirts are a hit! Looks like we will have robots on a rampage for some time at our house.