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late Halloween post


Ok so I didn’t get the kids costumes blogged before Halloween. They did get done on time, no  last minute mad sewing dashes. However the photos are all quick on the fly snapshots.


K wanted so bad to be R2D2 ! He loves him ! it was challenging to figure out how to do it.

 There was a lot of brainstorming, I ended up taking apart a collapsible laundry hamper, using the wire for shape. The fabric is an old white curtain.


The headpiece is paper mache, sculpted over a big mixing bowl. It has been years so i brushed up on my skills here. Its glued onto a baseball cap.

A lot of glue was used. the legs are foam so instead of sewing tubes, i just hot glued the fabric around the foam. Halloween sewing rocks ! I cut every corner possible.

only photo where you can see the legs, in the gym at school

only photo where you can see the legs, in the gym at school

Mr. Lemons did all the details with sharpies donated to the case by the best big sister ever.


So there you have it R2D2


Little E’s was a no sew, just assembled out of things we had and then we bought a Darth Vader mask. He was so happy.

He looked like a bobble head


More muscles


Last week I totally went to town making muscle shirts, two more for each boy. I used the Hipster Henley pattern again as a blue print since the fit was so nice on the first set of shirts. This time in the spirit of speed I left out the button placket and the ribbing around the arm holes. Opting instead to add details in the finishing.The littles over here are obsessed with Angry Birds, what kid isn’t lately, so we decided to freezer paper stencil the new shirts. We haven’t done this for some time, and every time we do the whole crew gets involved here and we have a blast!

mm7If you haven’t freezer paper stenciled before you are missing out. It is so fun and so easy ! For a great tutorial click here But basically you find or draw a stencil. My printer was being moody so Mr. Lemons drew all of ours. Transfer it onto freezer paper, this great stuff that is one side paper and the other a plastic. This is found at any grocery store. Cut out your stencil. Iron onto a shirt, the plastic backing acts as a seal, and paint with fabric paint.mm10

As you can see the boys love it and feel so proud of the awesomeness they create. With their little tongues out in concentration on their masterpieces (too cute right) K’s chosen angry bird is the elusive Eagle, that’s the beauty of it, totally custom for your little people! mm5

E wanted a star wars one too, he loves the storm trooper pigs!mm6

The material is a mix up, the skulls and orange are from the jersey knit sale I hit up last month ( yea that is the orange from the colour blocked maxi) and a grey that has lived in my stash a long time (you can see it used here too.)mm2

I played with my beloved serger “Betty” by adding a bright blue thread to the over-lock spool. Creating a nice finishing detail. I like the way it turned out on the arm holes the most.mm11

The busy skull print needed a pocket to break it up, and so that K could tell the back from the frontmm12

I really love the way they shirts turned out. Great fit. Awesome details. The boys love them and request to wear them lots. Mr Lemons had so much fun crafting with us he wants to do some shirts of his own next time 😀