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Green Lanturn hoodie


Since I haven’t been at the machine in weeks and it looks like more weeks will pass before I sew anything, I thought I would post an old project. Now it was blogged on a previous site  (i changed the name of my blog in Jan) but better a re-do than a no post.


I made this hoodie for K last fall, and he was all excited to wear it to school this past week.  I love when the littles enjoy there home made designs.  I’m also gonna post this in the sew geeky pool too. if you don’t know what that is please go check it out its so awesome. I am a geek who sews and just love this series by Max California and Sew Chibi.

DSC05999 (640x427)

The fabric is all up-cycled hoodies and T-shirts. It was my first attempt at a jacket so naturally I added the complexity of lining it. If ya look close you can see the imperfections. BUT Mr. K loves it ! Who wouldn’t love a Green Lantern Hoddie. It’s based on this Green Lantern costume from the newer Justice League. Which was a bigger decision than you may realize. He has had many costume variations over the years.


The pattern was some old 80’s pattern  inherited from a somewhere. I’ll never use a kids pattern from the 80’s again working the fit was yukki, it was so big and baggy in ways I’m not used to. So save yourself the trouble and just use an awesome blogger’s pattern !


I do confess it became a bit of a me against the garment kinda roller coaster project. Sew feel great…try on have it be too big, feel sad…. rework fit….rip out again….sew feel great….add zipper ….hate zipper…mess with lining….question why I sew… see progres….feel encouraged….


The applicae was hard. I was really worried about it matching up right so I did it after the zipper. Not sure if that was a good idea, working close into the zipper was tricky. It does line up nicely. At the end of it all I got a complement from my lovely teen “Its nice Mom, you can tell its homemade, but it looks home made in a good way.”


I learned a tone from this project and again K loves it. which is the point of it all right. Cool custom stuff that they love and will wear. The lining makes the jacket stretch from fall into winter here on the rainy west coast so it has seen a tone of wear over the past year and is still in one piece.




Ok it’s no secret that our house is super hero centered these days. I honestly love it, my inner geek is waving her comic loving flag. So when I was thinking of ways to liven up some ice pack covers for the little ice packs I got. It had to be hero-ed up.

Remember the old Adam west bat man? In case you don’t here’s a little bit.

The fight seance are so iconic with their ‘amazing’ effects. Its perfect for a boo-boo pack. Especially since our bumps and bruises are usually the result of jumping off something while playing Batman vs Mr. Freeze


Using my favorite thing up-cycled T shirt, I cut out 3 bright ovals. Each one slightly smaller than the previous. You can be loose here with shape and size, just remember to include a ‘cut allowance.’ And your smallest smash oval needs to fit a word in it.Now snip all around making pokey lil’ mountains. Varying the size and angles a bit to create interest.

Lay your lovely ovals aside for a second. You need to make a mini pillow case pattern to cover your boo boo pack. I have mini ice packs but you could use what ever it is you use for owies (wheat bags, peas in a Ziploc bag.) So measure out the length and width of your bag, and  cut your pieces accordingly iceplacement
Then applique your smash ovals onto your mini pillow case. Largest to smallest, and just play with the placement. I chose to use a strait stitch instead of a zig zag. Only because it’s faster, and the raw edges look cute.

Once your smash ovals are on. Pin right sides together and sew up 3 sides on your pillow case.  One whole side is left open to flip the case outside right and also insert your ice pack. You could press your seams and pock out your corners all nice at this point. I didn’t 🙂 I simply turned in right side out.


Next wright your cheesy 1966 word on your boo boo pack. I used a big marker and couldn’t fit the word “bonk” and ended up with ” bop!” Place a piece of cardboard into your mini pillow case to keep the markers from bleeding threw.


Slip your ice into the mini pillow case fold the open end in and sew shut. And there you have it a neeto ice pack for your little crime fighters.

icecoverbop icebooboo

Super Gift


Well Christmas has arrived so I can post the secret project that I’ve been working a way at. There are 3 small boys in our extended family, my 2 and my cousin’s small boy, so when I started making super hero hoodies I wanted to include our little K. He is younger than my boys so is not currently obsessed with super heroes, but his dad is a huge comic fan.


I chose to do Superman! and was very pleased with the outcome. I used the reglan T-shirt from Oliver and S. I modified it into a hooded sweater by cutting down the middle of the front piece and adding 2cm (remember I’m Canadian.) Ribbing was added to the cuffs and waistband instead of a traditional hem. The hood was drafted from an existing hoodie. Remember if you do this to check the circumference of the neckline so that your hood fits the sweater you are making. Otherwise you will have some neat little gathers to create in a not so noticeable place. Yes I am speaking from experience 🙂


The hood is covered in the same light weight knit of the cape. The cape is detachable (any excuse to use my snap press) and so light that it will not interfere with car seats.


The zipper came from the stash and was a bit long. I cut it and folded the hem over. Zippers are a bit scary for me, and I still have issues getting them straight. Here is  a great site for learning zippers. make it and love it Ashley has really great tutorials for all kids of techniques.


My first attempt at one of these hoodies taught me lots about applique patches. For the green lantern I sewed the parts of the patch directly to the hoodie, there was lots of stretching and fretting and presser foot adjusting. For superman I used fusible interfacing to give each piece some stability, then made the patch which I sewed on in one step. The results was a nicer patch and less shifting.


I think the very best way would be to find something that is iron on and sticky on both sides. then I could stick everything together and have not stretching or shifting at all…sigh there must be some thing out there that does that.

All in all I am very pleased with how Superman turned out. The best part was giving it to little K. Merry Christmas