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Well Helloo Blog,

I have once again been neglecting you.

The summer came and I was all inspired post KCW. I got a few things cut out for myself, that are happily sitting on my sewing table.

And ya know what happened….I went camping and then I spent time playeing in my new garden….oh and then we got a canoe and fishing rods….we have 3 more mini vacations planed with the kids and family out in the woods.

So my half done projects remain half done.


howerver the kids summer of full of woodland adventures

and my summer is full of fresh carrots and tomatoes

The projects will all be there in september when the house is emptty of sandy shoes and wet bathing suits. I may even get around to sweeping the floor 🙂

Blog Neglect


Thats right its KCW !

kid's clothes week

So I’ve signed up and started my to sew list. Hope I can be up for the challenge this go round.

I’ll mostly be adding to K’s wardrobe this go round as he is growing like a cute little weed.

Now go check out the Kids Cloths Week blog and sign your self up too!

guess what time of year it is again?


My home cleaning and organization projects are moving slowly. Not because of my usual avoidance, I caught a cold. I have no energy, and I’m sick of being sick. And its only the begining with K in kindergarden this year I’m sure our family will catch every single bug to be caught.

The boys had the chicken pox before Halloween and now we’ve been passing this awefull cold back and forth between the 5 of us since. And what a cold its totally energy zapping ! All I do is cough and my poor kiddos are not sleeping well, thry cough all night.

What frustrates me the most is not having my usual energy levels. I haven’t been running in weeks. Plus I have some great ideas for sewing projects that are just rumbling around in my head with no where to go. I was hoping to make the boys new robot shirts for Christmas (their old ones are still in heavy rotation but are grtting small) and if I don’t get them cut out soon I will definitely not have enough time. **sigh**

OK whining and complaining over, thanks for listening (unless yiu skimmed and clicked threw lol)  Hopefully next week I will be back to my regular insane self.

Three “C” Cleaning Coughs and Colds


I received 2 great sewing gifts over the holidays. My wonderful Mom gifted me her not in use for years serger!!! I’m really excited about it. I have been so busy having a great holiday season with all the people I love ❤ that there has been no time to set it up or try it out. I have dreamed up 2 maybe 3 projects that need to be finished with it. Some new work scrubs and a little bag for myself.

I think I’ll start a series called “Adventures in Surging,” cuz I’m sure their will be a learning curve. Just the threading is intimidating.

Secondly my lovely Dad n’ Step Mom got me a rotary cutter thingy and mat, lets hear it for precise cutting yay! Once I get back into my routine I’ll be playing with my new toys.


this year I will learn how to use a serger.